Having minimal experience in self defense, I started training with John Gill. Being a very hesitant person, I didn’t think it was possible for me to be able to do it. He made the classes fun and gives you the feeling that you are capable of doing anything. My life has turned around, and I am no longer that hesitant person anymore.  I am  now filled with confidence and major skills in defending myself. There is no better feeling than being able to stand up for yourself and hold your ground. No more getting bullied.

Celine15 yrs old

John Gill is a self defense master. He will turn you into an ultimate weapon and install the utmost confidence in yourself. There isn’t a better feeling than walking down the street knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way. I decided to make it a family event and know that my whole family can now defend themselves in any situation. Especially my kids, so when they head off to college, I know that no matter what happens, they can take care of themselves.  Best thing a parent can do to protect their children.


February 19, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter of recommendation is on behalf of my good friend, John Gill. He is an incredible martial artist in Hapiko – competing and winning many World Championships with his self-defense techniques.

We could not be happier that he is coming to America to teach his skills and conduct seminars with our students. Mr. Gill has presented himself professionally and responsibly which will lead to his success here.

Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me directly at 714-984-9560.


David Brock

Hi John.

Your teaching of taekwondo to Josh over the past 6 years has been a skill josh has loved learning, with the added benefit of a sport requiring concentration, focus and persistence to learn and retain the many patterns.

You have shared many of your own life experiences, especially around self esteem and respect, in particular for women, whilst also making the lessons fun and keeping students engaged with a mix of multi sport and  formal taekwondo training. This has helped Josh stay committed and work to reach his long term goal of 1st  Dan which he set for himself 5 years ago in year 2.

The most valuable skill Josh has taken away from your Taekwondo training is the concept of self protection. Your constant education on accessing the situation and then determining the type of reaction/defence to take, if any, is an invaluable foresight that every person should have.  Thank you John for being such a passionate and dedicated mentor.


Womens Self Defence Workshop testimonials 25.11.2016

I attended the free white ribbon day self-defense class, taught by John Gill, on the 25/11 and it was amazing. I had so much fun and I feel like I now have a basic understanding of how to react in a situation where I feel threatened. The way John taught was easy to follow and everyone got a turn. I can’t wait until the next session. I would urge every woman and child to go as it is so informative and has such a relaxed and safe atmosphere.
Sarah Bolton, age 20.

When I arrived at the women’s self defense class hosted by Girls Equipped I expected to have a laugh and throw a couple of wayward punches (which I did!), however, I hadn’t considered exactly how much this class would be relevant to me and the impact it could have in my own life. During the lesson I found myself thinking about all the times I have felt unsafe in the past and how knowing these basic self-defense skills at an earlier age would have given me confidence within these situations. John’s passion for what he does and why he does it really makes him the perfect teacher and his enthusiasm is contagious. I think that this class is so crucial for women of all ages to attend and I believe that Shelley and John really have a vision that is worth getting behind. Thank you for empowering women! Yvette Wolfenden, age 21.

Warmest Regards

Shelley Maloney
Girl Equipped Director
Ph 0421 388 948

Shelley Maloney

Dear John,

I am writing to thank you for the dramatic impact your Taekwondo & Self Defence Classes have made on my children.

After only a few terms of training I have seen a great improvement in their focus and concentration in school and across all other areas of life, but most importantly a new found confidence. This is not an arrogant “I can beat anyone up” confidence, but a sense of security and maturity.

I believe a huge part of this comes from the philosophies and good old-fashioned values you place as much importance on, as the physical side of training. You make the classes fun, but still command respect while encouraging honesty, integrity, motivation, discipline and important life skills such as conflict resolution. I feel children today do not get enough exposure to these important attributes and having them reinforced outside the home supports our words as parents within.

You are an outstanding role model not just in terms of individual accomplishments, but what you see possible for each and every child in your positive approach and helping them believe they can do whatever they put their mind to.

I regularly turn up early to classes to be inspired by your words and am so grateful you impart this to our children. My favourite bit is when you ask “What have you done for your parents around the house this week?” you show us respect as parents too and reinforce the teamwork it takes to be a family. Thank you for helping my boys shine.

Warm Regards,

Janine DaleWest Pymble Public School Parent

I am writing this to say thank you from myself and my 2 clubs. It was great to have Master John Gill come to Whangarei New Zealand to do a hapkido seminar in april 2008. This was one of the best seminars our students have ever been too. They are still raving about it. We started with a few joint locks and proceeded onto takedowns. It was a very informative day for white belts right through to 3rd Dans. It is great to have such a knowledgeable person who is so approachable and down to earth, master gill is also very good in his techniques with a very easy manner in which he explains them. We are very much looking forward to our next seminar and wish to thank him once more.

Derek CoradineChangHun Tkd & hapkido – Whangarei – New Zealand

Master Gill’s self defence class has helped to build our self-esteem and self confidence.

Over the three years in which we have been doing self defence classes, we have found the classes beneficial in improving our fitness, flexibility and co-ordination.

Self defence has improved our ability to concentrate and focus in school and also in our approach to learning as we are now able to be more disciplined with homework and study.

Master Gill has taught us to get out of violent situations as quickly as possible, and also how to talk our way out of many situations and to use non-violent strategies. This has made us feel safer and given us the confidence to know that should any of us be attacked, we will be able to defend ourselves.

We look forward to the Taekwondo lessons every week as it is a fun, friendly class where we also learn valuable life skills.

Meena, Eleanor and Stephanie


I recently participated in a self defence course for women only given by John Gill of the Australian School of Self Defence. We were all aged over 55, with some in their mid seventies & of varying levels of fitness & flexibility. Although I personally lead a very active lifestyle many in in the group do not & John structured each class to accommodate all levels so that everybody benefited, nobody was made to feel inadequate & we all completed the course & voted it a very worthwhile undertaking. It was a lot of fun and the general consensus was never let age be a barrier ( after all today’s 70 is yesterday’s 50 ) & we figured you can regard doing a course in self defence as taking out an insurance policy on yourself in peace of mind.

Penny Epperson

My name is Les Whitfield, I am a red belt black tip in Hapkido. Training in Tauranga New Zealand. It was my choice to get Master John Gill out to NZ to conduct one of his seminars. And boy we were not disappointed

In Hapkido circles the man is a living legend, 11 times World Self Defence Champion, and a World Sparring Championship title. He is a 5th Dan Black belt in both Tae kwon do as well as Moo Hak Kwan Hapkido.

He conducted his seminar in January 2006 and we are all still buzzing from the experience. We are also inviting Master Gill to Tauranga in November for another seminar and a grading.

It is my honour and privilege to have trained with such a Martial Artist as Master Gill. I am also privileged to be grading to my 1st Dan Black belt under the guidance of Master Gill and will be opening the first Moo Hak Kwan Hapkido Dojang here in NZ. Once again I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Master Gill for the guidance and training in Hapkido.

For anyone thinking of doing one of Master Gill’s seminars, just do it, you’ll love it, such is the calibre of the man.

The seminars are fun, and exciting at the same time.

Kind Regards,

Les Whitfield

Dear John,

On behalf of the Life Changing Experiences Foundation, we would like to offer you our very sincere thanks for your support of the Sister 2 sister Project recently. The workshop you ran for the Little Sisters on self defence was outstanding and of great benefit to the girls in terms of how to protect themselves in difficult situations, without getting themselves into more trouble. Your professionalism and sense of humour was fantastic, and your generosity to conduct the workshop free of charge is very much appreciated. Once again, we thank you very much for your support of the program, and we wish you every success with your very worthwhile business.

Yours sincerely

Vicki Condon Life Changing Experiences Foundation – Program Director

11 December 2009

To Whom it may Concern,

John Gill has been teaching Self Defence to our sport class at Chatswood IEC for over one year. The students in this class come mainly from China and are in the early stages of learning English in preparation for high school.

John is a very conscientious and enthusiastic instructor who has demonstrated excellent communication skills. He is very aware of the language needs of his students and adapts his lessons accordingly. His engaging manner and rapport with the students has been most commendable.

John’s lessons in Self Defence are invaluable tools for the development of the physical and mental abilities of our students. His lessons have emphasised the important aspects of anti-bullying, fun, fitness and empowerment.


Julie RossDeputy Principle – Chatswood Intensive English Centre

8th October 2009

To Whom it may Concern

Dear Sir/Madam

Myself and my son, Ryan, have attended self defence classes with Mr John Gill for the last 3 years. Attending these classes has improved our fitness, self confidence and self esteem. John has taught my 12 year old son valuable life skills such as respect for teachers, women and consideration for myself and my husband.

John Gill is an multiple world self defence champion and is an excellent role model for Ryan and other children as he lives his life according to the discipline that he teaches. John is a very considerate, respectful and generous person.

I have also had the pleasure of assisting John in presenting his popular SAFE seminars. This program teaches women and children important protective and safety skills, including verbal and pyschological methods of avoiding violence and sexual assault. In addition, John’s enthusiasm and passion makes the program extremely motivating, empowering and fun.

I highly recommend John Gill and his self derence and motivation programs to everyone. Please contact me if you require further information.

Kind Regards,

Janice Pavey PNA, DFS, JP, Reg. Tax Agent

My name is Christine. My partner and I have been attending John Gill’s self defence classes for about 2 months. We really enjoy the fun and easy going atmosphere of the classes. John is very clear in his explanation and demonstrations, and he make sure that we all execute every movement correctly.

We always look forward to the Saturday morning class and always had a great time and work out, it really made our weekend more enjoyable. There are lots of variations and practice in each class.

We both feel more safe and alert in our outlook, have more confidence in our actions. We also feel more focus in our tasks at hand. John is a very dedicated and knowledgeable teacher, and I will highly recommend his self defence and martial art classes to anyone. Don’t delay any further, come and try them out, you will learn a life saving activity and make new friends.